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To ne hes known as frank roberts,, same story but has a 16 yr old daughter. Says hes from Baltimore, widower and asked me to talk on Hangouts. Ive blocked him and disabled the app. Talking to someone with very similar story. Son name Jerry in boarding school. Wife passed away due to severe bleeding in childbirth. Sunshine, was he on Match. Goes by Benjamin? Lives in Chicago, IL? Been out there for 9 months? Keeps saying how beautiful I am.

Hi is Ben saying he's a project manager stuck in Turkey? Loves u, sends loving texts. Needs money for machinery to he fixed. Be careful. I almost fell. They use voice over different numbers for different woman.

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Get Email Updates. I lived in SP. The result is a character sketch that doubles as an analysis of strategy and semantics. Is close friends with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Actor Girls Will Be Girls. I live here for already 17 years — never happened to me.

He authorized me to use " HIS" account info. In the sunglass picture is he wearing a nice place suit, black turtleneck and black sunglasses standing outside what looks like a nice countryside? I think he's the same guy meet on Instagram name MichaelRobert Has a 10 year old daughter same name as mines. Works as a engineer on a off shore rig outside of Norway. Abt 56 years old wife is dead. From Belgium but his daughter is with the nanny in Oakland California.

Oh he's a charmer, just wondering if he's the same guy. I have read what you wrote, and I think I have the same guy talking to me. Would you mind sending his picture. Found him on instagram. How can these guys do this? It needs to stop. Hope I hear from you. I would like to see his photo too. The man I'm talking to has been living outside of Dallas and his 13 year old daughter is in a boarding school there. Summer girl.. Do you have a pic of your guy you could share?

I am talking with someone now and I have a pic of him in black also possibly country. I believe it's california actually. Marine engineer. Works oil rigs. Do not want to use name right now. We have been talking 19 months. So will protect name just in case he is genuine. Thank you. I am now chatting with a guy , who fits the description you're giving. Can I send you his pics, and can you let me know if he looks like the guy you're chatting with? By far, he hasn't captured my heart.

I went into this dating site to find friends first.


I very much feel for those who put their hearts into these fakes. I hear there are ways to have the pics , with the use of an app, identify the real people, to actually prove they are scammers stealing these pics, and posting them on singles dating sites to con unsuspecting people.

I was scammed already by a guy named Roby Helms who stole the identity of a very handsome speaker which it broke my heart and stole money from me too. Can you share his pictures with me. Because the one texting me is named Patrick in the Marines and he is in Yemen over in Asia.

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I had this woman named Sarah in the Army in Kentucky. She was very endearing in her conversations vowing to be exclusive in our cyber dating forum; All of a sudden she claims to be deployed to Syria and starts messenging me on Hangout. Claims she only gets paid 1x month os can't afford to repay me right away because she has a daughter in teh USA who stays with her mother; claims she sends her money to her mother in her absence.

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She actually changed her Facebook profile page and used my last name as her married name. I finally blocked her and I never heard from her again. I too was scammed a few months ago from a US Marine on deployment in Syria.

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He went by the name Thomas Casado, he had contacted me on Instagram. He was a widower, supposedly, had a 20yr. I googled his name and seen some other guys name with his picture. You are not alone and they are very good at what they do, they are heartless. Would say romantic things then once again asked for a gift card reasons always changing. Is he some type of scammer? Curious because I had received a friend request. Is he a legit trader or just another scam. Hello how would you be able to catch them I got his IP address. My scammer send me his bank account info might be a fraud of course.

His passport and his fake California ID I know is fake because he failed to change a few things on it but when he send the account number I can see his IP address. First name is Tiff..

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Canada · New England · Boston · Miami · San Francisco more from the USA The first of the gay apps, Grindr is rightfully at the top of every list. do collect (​and share) a lot of data, but that's kind of the end of its usefulness. Atraf is a local gay chat & dating app from Israel and while much of the app is. With Expedia, enjoy free cancellation on most West End, Vancouver Gay friendly Hotels! And it is always a good idea to talk with the locals, as they might be able to Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts ( mi) · Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal.

I do reverse image search but nothing comes up. Anyone know anythinf. I cannot find him in any social media platform. No one in the military needs money and they have internet. Dont buy into the scam.

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Military people are given everything they need, as well as access there bank from the internet. Theyre scamming you if they ask for anything. I have been scammed also. Text and talking to him on th he phone for 5 months. I was looking for love in a Christian dating sight. Michael Harrington the scammer has a European accent.

Long story short. I turned his info over to the police. He says he lives in N. Guys like this makes it Really hard to find a nice guy.

So I'm educating myself about this. And yes he mentioned everything that all the other ladies have mentioned. Some things I wonder how can this be real?

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But other times , through things. She has to be real. Something caught my eye earlier. Someone said something about they seem to disappear on weekends. Rapture take me home. I'm sorry to hear that. I've been scammed twice. But the first, I busted him first, so I didn't lose any money and I finally can contact the real person whom he uses the pictures with.

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The second, with the help of voluntary organization, I can know the man I'm talking to isn't real. Always use technology to help and good luck with the love searching. How did you verify the photo? I think I am being scammed as well. Random guy added followed me on instagram.